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We are a community of independent professionals - programmers, designers, game developers, translators, writers etc. - who share a workplace because we want to share facilities, ideas and our daily inspiration.


We are located in the hearth of downtown Yerevan: just 2 minutes walking from Republic Square metro station or 4 minutes from North avenue.


vachaganvachagan gratian
one of the organizers of Utopianlab, he studies linguistics and translates literature, sometimes he also makes subtitles or writes a small piece of code.
arminearmine bekar
cofounded Utopianlab and is the second organizer, she is a psychologist and organizer of educational events, such as psycamp
manvelmiles ulrich
works at mentorcliq, mentoring software developer
hrant hrant khachatrian he is doing his PhD at yerevan state university, several research projects in graphy theory, also web developer
nareknarek aghekyan
c++ developer, makes mobile games
mikayelmikayel egibyan visual and image computing, works for wolfram
gevorggevorg adamyan
game developer for android/ios
vilen saatsazov vilen saatsazov
studied in the national aerospace university in kharkov, works as 3d designer, currently he makes battleships.
one of the founders of the coworking spacedominik scholz (May)
studied French and history, and works on a PhD since 2011 (politics of urban planning in Brussels and Lyon), he also founded a non-profit enterprise to promote cycling in brussels.
maria saakyanmaria saakyan
film director, find a list of her movies on imdb
gevorg soghomoniangevorg soghomonian
software engineer based in Ireland, currently back to Armenia for one month. Co-creates Altocloud



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Address: Hanrapetutyan 67/48 (entrance from Tpagrichner street)
Coordinates: 40.178541,44.518993
Email: hola@utopianlab.am, XMPP: utopeanlab@spyurk.am
Phone: 055 822 445, 055 420 027
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